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Lirico s.r.l

Lirico srl is a clever agreement of Companies, animated by a single purpose, into a consortium to offer to the market highly innovative and original solutions.

LIRICO encloses the sense of taste and technology, the capacity and the expertise, service and stubbornness.
LIRICO is the interpretation of the quote by Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier aphorism: “Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed”.

The soul of LIRICO are the people. Simple people, but concrete that has gained important experience in the transformation of solid surfaces, stainless steel and in the management of the electronics.

 A constant and passionate direct approach that has allowed them to develop innovative solutions that do not express only aesthetic, but mastery of the technology and flexibility for the future.

LIRICO is and always will be a discreet friend for all those who intend to follow the path of innovation.
A point of reference and qualified to be entrusted with the development of ideas of their dreams or simply troubleshooting.

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Solid Surface

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What is Solid Surface?

The solid surface is an advanced composite material, mainly composed of resin and enriched with colored pigments. It is a material with high functional and aesthetic performance, used to create flat surfaces and curves for furniture and architecture, with a strong visual impact. Therefore ideal for creative uses, innovative designs and long-lasting applications; it can be assembled into several elements, with imperceptible clasps. Available in plates or in design. It can be carved, milled or worked like wood, shaped and shaped to size. Homogeneous in all its composition, it is therefore always repairable and restorable.

How it is used ?

Due to its characteristics, the solid surface can be used for countless uses, both in the commercial and residential, nautical and health-hospital sectors. The material can also be inserted into projects with a very complex design or in applications that require functionality and reliability in use. It can be used both vertically and horizontally to create aesthetic effects of translucency studied in combination with natural and artificial lighting systems.

What are the benefits ?

The use of solid surface has many advantages :

  • Very high wear resistence
  • Imperceptible glues (which allow unlimited lengths)
  • Maximum hygiene
  • Variety of shaps and colours available

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